Social Media for Property Professionals

On March 28, a room full of women in property heard from Iolanthe Gabrie of Ruby Assembly on the hot topic of Social Media. Iolanthe shared her knowledge of why it’s important to have an online presence and how we can grow these accounts with genuine followers. My take aways from the lunch were:

  • Ensure the photos you use on socials are professional ones – and about 180 of them! 
  • Share your personality, but ensure it’s inline with your personal brand.
  • To grow and engage your followers, post good content. Make sure it’s relevant to their interests.
  • Use LinkedIn as a way to share your professional knowledge with the world. It’s easy (and free) to post articles, so do this frequently.
  • If you want good reach on social media you will need to pay for it. The algorithms used by Facebook (and Instagram which is owned by Facebook) mean that only a few of your followers will see your posts unless you pay to promote or boost them.
  • Use LinkedIn daily if you can. They are yet to introduce any algorithms like Facebook, so posts and articles that you share are likely to be seen by most of your connections without having to pay for it.

If you would like assistance with running your social media pages feel free to reach out to Iolanthe at

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