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Woman in Property Profile – Jenelle Paetow

Janelle Paetow is the Marketing and Business Development Director at AllianceCorp, a national Property Investment Consultancy that educates everyday Australians on how to develop tailored investment property strategies so they can build successful property portfolios.


Woman in Property – Wendy Thomson

Wendy Thomson is a busy woman! She is the Owner, Director and Officer in Effective Control of a boutique Commercial Real Estate Agency and the Owner, Director and Lead Consultant of a commercial property consultancy and training company – WendyWho?. In this profile, Wendy shares her experiences of 30 years in the property industry. Did […]


Woman in Property Profile – Raina Lodhia

Raina Lodhia is one of two co-founders of Form Creative, an Interior Architecture and Workplace Strategy consultancy. She has worked across a variety of aspects of the property industry over the years, and here she shares with us her thoughts on the changes ahead.